About the Owner of Seasons of Spirit

Shannon HiggasonShannon Wing

Shannon Wing is an ordained Metaphysical Minister with over 25 years’ experience performing hand fastings, weddings, baby blessings, and naming ceremonies.

She is also a certified herbalist who hones her craft every day working in her garden with medicinal, edible, and spiritually significant plants.

Ms. Wing has worked with the metaphysical her entire life, coming from a Native American family of ‘dreamers’, people whose prophetic dreams can predict future events. Ms. Wing is an innate spiritual healer, using Native American ritual to perform cleansings, spiritual healings, and blessings. Her interests do not lie only within the realm of Native American shamanism, as she embraces all spiritual modalities and is adept at Celtic spiritual modalities, as well as being well-versed in Christian spiritual and healing practices.

Shannon was raised in a large family, and has two children, and numerous grandchildren whom she holds very near and dear to her heart. As nearly all spiritual healers do, Ms. Wing cares for a menagerie of pets, which include dogs, cats, birds, and turtles.

“My purpose in life is to live and learn from life’s challenges and experiences, and through those challenges and experiences, help others to better live and learn through theirs,” Shannon Wing