Native American Ceremony

Native American Ceremony

Irene Skau

Native American Ceremony – $20

This service includes:
Calling in the 4 corners
Gate Healing with Stones
Sage smudging ceremony with White Sage & Sweet Grass –
Drumming & Feathers to release blocked energy



Medicine Cards – Animal Totems $20

This service includes: Selection, 9 animal totem

Medicine Women – $20 (30 minutes)

This service includes:

Crystal healing

Energy healing

Ceremonies begin at 10:00 a.m. and continue until 1: 00 p.m.

You have the option to book your time as well.

Groups: At least 8-10 people to attend any of the ceremonies.

Food can be provided. We work with local restaurants. Please let us know ahead of time if you will be ordering food. Menus are provided here at Seasons.