Seasons of Spirit

Season’s Apothecary Farm

Season’s Apothecary Farm

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Season’s Apothecary Farm at Seasons Gifts & Gardens

1121 North Nelson Avenue, Sanger, CA 93657

559-284-6213 for Shannon or 559-900-8472 for Justine

We may open the shop for appointments, please call for availability.

Our shop and gardens represent our roots in the farming and agriculture community by which we are surrounded. We grow a multitude of herbs, as well as seasonal vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, and seasonal fruit from our small orchard of peach, plum, and apricot trees. Our crops also include white sage, true lavender, sweet grass, sweet myrtle, oregano, mugwort, wormwood, mullein, elfwort, yarrow, calendula, and garden sage, as well as a multitude of woods and woods-leaf. We also wild-harvest pine resin, elderberry flowers and fruit, and pine cones from the nearby

Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Our White Sage is the best you will find!

We continue to carry a line of great spiritual-based products, such as essential oils and blended oils of spiritual intent, meditation music, ear candles and ear candling services, handmade incense, books in subjects which span the stratosphere, and all of our specialized spiritual services.


Coming soon in 2017 ~ California Spirit Crafts

Herb Classes by Herbalist Shannon Wing

Soap Making Workshops by Shannon & Justine Crane

Perfume Workshops by Justine Crane, Natural Perfumer, Member of the International Perfume Foundation

Ancient Egyptian Kyphi Incense Workshops by Justine Crane

We will be offering classes on tuning forks, Bach flower remedies, honey extractions, enfleurage, distillation & more!

We offer drumming classes for ceremonial purposes

We specialize in growing, harvesting, and the distillation of:

~White Sage~

~Sweet Grass~


and other herbs grown in our gardens

We offer specialized services, such as Native American Gate Healings with stones, Chakra Healings with Stones and Tuning Forks, House Cleansings, Baby Blessings, and Marriage Ceremonies

Currently, only some of our products and services can be purchased through Etsy at our online shop CurioApothecary

Our address is 1121 North Nelson Avenue, Sanger, CA 93657

   Please see the events page  Please call for any information.


Our new phone number is 559-284-6213 Please leave a message and we will HAPPILY return your call

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Seasons Outdoor Mat is part of our business as well, and we invite you to learn more by clicking the link

Blessings to you all